Office / Boardroom Installations

Boardroom Installations

Make virtual and in-person meetings a success with a quality boardroom a/v system. Utilizing tabletop microphones for clear audio, mounted screens or projectors for displaying content, and cable management to keep your room looking professional.  Easily plug in and present, no matter what type of operating system you are using. 


A  robust network is the lifeblood of your business. With computers, smartphones, and distributed video and audio systems all competing for WiFi, a strong, enterprise level network is essential to keep your business moving.   

Distributed Audio

From providing a comfortable environment for employees, to advanced sound masking to ensure private conversations stay quiet, a quality distributed audio system is important to a healthy, functioning office.

Distributed Video

Quality screens are essential for management to keep on top of the days news, stock price, or to easily show data to a group when needed. 

Smart Office Automation

Conserve power and save time with an automation system for your climate, and lighting controls, all easily controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

CCTV Security

Keep your office safe with a CCTV security system that can be monitored from anywhere.